Open Doors is a cultural exchange program designed to offer international scholarship pathways to individuals from socially excluded and poverty stricken communities throughout West Africa.


Open Doors, International Scholarships are coupled with personalised mentorship programs and have been developed to upskill individuals with the relevant skills, that can have an impact on the real-time needs and socioeconomic problems found in our communities. 

Our Education Partners

A very British School, a very Global outlook.


The Buckswood Football Academy is a development centre which was originally introduced in 2011 to provide high quality coaching and support for ambitious young players who want to combine their football and education.


Buckswood competes at the highest level of English school football, competing both at county, national and international level entering competitions including ISFA, ESFA & County Cups.

The Soccer Institute at Montverde Academy (SIMA) is an elite level soccer specific training experience for anyone who possesses the passion to challenge themselves at the highest level both academically and athletically.


Located near Orlando, Florida, SIMA is a program offered by Montverde Academy to its diverse population of enrolled students on campus from the United States and around the world. From world-class facilities to elite-level coaching, SIMA provides a professional training environment for any passionate athlete with the desire to work hard and improve.


Students registered with the soccer institute complete a full academic workload in the classroom on a daily basis at Montverde Academy prior to their athletic specific training schedule in the afternoons and evenings.